Welcome to the ezFitnessGuide.com! Here our goal is simple: to provide you with real, accurate, unbiased information when it comes to fitness. Our goal is to help you get into shape for real world activities - from surfing in Hawaii, to simply picking up three sacks of groceries with your kids, you need to be fit to prevent injuries and to live a happy, healthy life.

UPDATE: I just went to Baja, Mexico on a sweet deep-see fishing 'experience' with Baja Raiders...it rocked in more ways than just 'fun'. Seriously, I gotta say I needed to do a lot more core workouts. My back is out now after reeling in a 100+ pound marlin for 2.5 hours, so I'm going to start a series on how to build up your core muscles to recover and prevent such injuries. Stay tuned, and please share any such experiences that you have had in the past with this!

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